Penge Cycle Club does Paris-Roubaix 2017

There’s something about a road trip that I just love. Particularly when there is a challenge or an adventure to be enjoyed or endured and even more particularly when you do it with a special group of people. Many years ago, on a regular annual Easter trip, someone much older and wiser said to me; ‘remember this moment – this is as good as it gets’. We were playing Petanque as the sun went down over the stone ramparts of one of SW France’s most picturesque ‘bastide’ towns, and the pre-dinner pastis filled us with a sense of well being.
I experienced another such moment on safari in South Africa with my wife and two boys, just before waving my wife off on her insane 8 months of sailing around the world. We had just completed a fabulous game drive having finally seen the one remaining elusive big cat – the Leopard. Our guide had driven us to the highest point in the reserve and we had watched a herd of Elephant pass through the valley below us as the sun went down and as we sipped our …